Double Switching

Life outside the diamond is a wrench.

Hey, I’m Ruhee. I’m a code monkey, sports nerd and musician based in Toronto. I’m a lifelong Flames fan, a recent Blue Jays convert, and sympathetic to the New York Mets and the San Francisco Giants. I’m a member of Entire Cities & Del Bel. I own a Colby Rasmus jersey and have a very deep love for crazy defensive plays and high socks.

I started watching baseball early in the 2011 season and have quickly discovered how much I love the game. Double Switching was born out of complete impulse, and is now a great challenge for me—to learn more about baseball, and to figure out how to write about it.

I never leave a game early, no matter how badly we’re losing.

You can also follow me on a terrifying number of social networks and things: Twitter, my personal Tumblr,, This Is My Jam, Goodreads, and Letterboxd. Whew.