Double Switching

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This is the win probability index from FanGraphs for last night’s Phillies/Braves game. (Click through for the full page with interactivity and play details.)

Roy Halladay went out in front 6-0, but quickly gave up eight unanswered runs, including a Brian McCann grand slam — only the fourth grand slam Doc’s allowed over his entire career.

That 8-6 Braves lead turned into 12-8 for the Phillies over the next two innings, with Ruiz hitting a three-run homer and a bases-clearing double. Atlanta crawled back in the eighth to take a 13-12 lead, which looked like the end, until Craig Kimbrel let the tying run go with two outs in the bottom of the ninth. DRAMA.

The Braves finally triumphed, ending their losing streak against Philadelphia in the most dramatic of ways, in the bottom of the 11th with Chipper Jones’ two-run homer.

It was even crazier than that sounded, and every bit as crazy as that win probability chart illustrates. I started watching right after Halladay’s last two earned runs, after I heard he had given up a slam, and boy — what a game. Can’t say early season baseball ain’t exciting. Also, those thirteen runs are more than they’ve scored in the past three games combined.

Jonah Keri’s done a good rundown of it at Grantland.