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My friend Greg Wisniewski asked if I’d contribute to his 2012 wrap-up series over at Baseball is Magic. I wrote a little piece about Barry Zito’s insane performance in Game 5 of the NLCS. It’s up now and you can go read it! Hooray.

In case you are interested, here’s the box/play-by-play of NLCS Game 5, and of Zito’s other postseason appearance, NLDS Game 4.

Today we have a guest post by my good friend Gareth Simpson, who’s been watching baseball much longer than I have, and tells us why it’s sometimes more difficult to root for a great team than a bad one.

“I’m not quite sure why I like sports.” This is something I actually thought the other day. I was at a baseball game, appropriately enough, and the team I was rooting for was winning. And I was very nervous. This is because I am a fan of bad teams. I started liking the Seattle Mariners because they were good, and because they were a hundred miles south of me. While the second part is still true, they’ve been a disappointment and a punchline and everything in between for the last decade or so. This is mostly fine with me. It’s a comfortable arrangement, because I don’t really have to care about most of the games, and if something interesting happens I can treat it as a bonus.

Felix Hernandez’s perfect game is a great example of this. Ruhee frantically texted me about it while I was on vacation, and I was able to watch the final inning over 3G on a dock on Lake Okanagan. But at no point was I worried about the Rays getting a hit. This was not only because Felix Hernandez is a force of nature, but because I knew the game was utterly meaningless. It’s the advantage of having low expectations, because if I’m surprised, it’s usually a pleasant surprise. It also helped me deal with the Ichiro Suzuki trade, because Ichiro always seemed like a decent enough guy who happened to be an incredibly good baseball player marooned on an awful team. As much as I like the aforementioned awful team, it seemed unfair to begrudge Ichiro the opportunity to play meaningful baseball games.

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Chris of Infield Fly was kind enough to ask me to write a guest post for them, as part of their “New Fans week” — a series of posts intended to help out those who are new to baseball.

I wrote about why I love the game, and why it’s definitely not boring. It would be wonderful if you read it. Click the link up there, and do let me know what you think about it!